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Jirafe Premium — Unlimited everything, period.

One all-inclusive package.

  • Instantly assign, prioritize, transition, vote, and watch issues with interactive previews

  • Create issues with custom fields

  • Create subtasks

  • Automatic link unfurling

  • Post comments

  • Customizable Smart views

  • Log work

  • Jira Service Desk

  • Slack Enterprise

Unlimited everything, period.


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Frequently asked questions

Can everyone in our Slack workspace use Jirafe?

Yes, Jirafe supports unlimited users at no additional cost.

My team wants to cancel their subscription. Can we get a refund?

You can downgrade at anytime. Your subscription will remain active through the end of the billing period. We do not offer refunds.

Is my data safe with Jirafe?

We believe the best way to keep your data safe is to respect your privacy by not needlessly storing any in the first place. Your business is none of our business.

Does Jirafe support Slack Enterprise?

Yes, and you can upgrade to Premium on a per-workspace basis.

Do you support self-managed Jira Server or Data Center?

While this may change in the future, at this time we are fully commited to providing world-class support for Jira Cloud.

How can I request a feature or send feedback?

Glad you asked! Send us an email: [email protected]

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