• 2019-6-25

    Improved issue view

    We've streamlined the issue view to highlight the features you love and applied some magic here and there to further improve performance and reliability. We also fixed a few quirks with specific Jira configurations. Overall, Jirafe now runs smoother than ever, packs more features, and uses a little less space in your Slack channels!

  • 2019-6-23

    Issue view now supports due dates

    We've added support for viewing and setting an issue's due date and streamlined updating its priority. While adding this feature, we also made some slight performance improvements!

  • 2019-6-7
    Slash Command

    Introducing "Find"

    Quickly find and share issues with your team using the new "/jirafe find" slash command!

  • 2019-6-1

    Jirafe is coming out of beta

    After over a year of hard work, teams all around the world love and rely on Jirafe in their daily workflows. We're offering small teams a generous free plan and introducing what we believe to be fair pricing for larger teams, starting at 9,99$. As always, your feedback is welcome!

  • 2019-5-16

    Bring Jira conversations into Slack

    We've added a new "Comments" action to view an issue's recent comments right within a Slack thread. You can also reply immediately without ever leaving Slack!

  • 2019-5-11

    Improving your experience with better caching

    We slipped a new caching layer within our infrastructure which allows Jirafe to get content back to you faster than ever. While you can't see it, we think you'll feel it!

  • 2019-5-6

    Vote on and watch issues

    You may now toggle your vote and watcher status on issues using the new overflow [...] menu.

  • 2019-4-29

    Welcome to your Dashboard

    Today, we're introducing Dashboard! It forms the basis of Jirafe's future along with a new, hopefully easier than ever, step-by-step set up flow. We know it's a tad bare at the moment but we have big plans to give you more visibility into Jira and Slack. Stay tuned!