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Jirafe improves constantly and aims to provide an innovatively simple experience.

Create issues

With a simple slash command, Jirafe displays a streamlined form to create Jira issues both easily and quickly.

Display issues

Jirafe detects Atlassian links and Jira issues right from Slack messages and displays relevant information.

Edit issues

At the touch of a button, Jirafe helps you update issues and automatically displays updated information.

Assign issues

Within seconds, Jirafe helps you switfly assign issues to anyone within your team.

Transition issues

As your team works on issues, they can update their progress directly from Slack.

Add comments

Jirafe lets you instantly add comments to existing Jira issues directly from Slack messages.

Add sub-tasks

When Jirafe displays a task, story or epic, it also gives you the opportunity to create sub-tasks.



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