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Seamlessly create, preview, assign, transition, prioritize, log work, comment, and more on Jira Cloud issues and Jira Service Desk tickets with Jirafe's carefully crafted Slack app.

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Jira Cloud + Slack integration

On your phone or your computer, Jirafe enables you and your team to efficiently create, preview, and manage Jira Cloud issues and tickets.

Create issues and tickets

One simple form to swiftly create tasks, with support for components and all custom field types.

  • Shortcut
  • Message Action
  • Slash Command


    in any conversation

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Preview issues and tickets

Easily share issues and tickets with your teammates right within the comfort of Slack.

  • Link

    Automatically unfurl Jira Cloud links in Slack messages

  • Mention

    Ping @Jirafe and we'll look for issues in that message

  • Slash Command


    /jirafe [issue key]
    in any conversation

  • Scheduled Reports

    Ideal for automating your dailies and standups

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Manage issues and tickets

With support for the most commonly used actions, Jirafe lets you quickly update your tasks so you can quickly get on with your day.

  • Vote, watch, and comment
  • Assign and transition
  • Prioritize

    Set priority and due date in just a few taps

  • Log work

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If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 14 days and we'll send you a full refund.

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  • Interactive issue summary

  • Assign, prioritize, transition, vote, and watch issues

  • Create issues with custom fields

  • Automatic link unfurling

  • Add and show comments

  • Log work

  • Smart Reports

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Frequently asked questions

Can everyone in my team use Jirafe?

Yes, Jirafe supports unlimited users.

My team wants to cancel their subscription. Can we get a refund?

You can downgrade from Pro to Free at anytime. Your subscription will remain active through the end of the billing period. We do not offer refunds.

Can I request a feature?

Yes, we'd love to hear about it! Send us an email: [email protected]

Do you support self-managed Jira Server or Data Center?

We do not. While this may change in the future, at this time we are fully commited to providing world-class support for Jira Cloud.

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